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June 30, 2013

Out for a walk Trying to link photos here. If this doesn’t work and you have Instagram feel free to follow me at lopowpow on there. I post photos pretty much daily. Lol once I figure out how to get them uploaded here I will post here too. Lol

June 30, 2013

Maybe this works better

hangin in there

June 30, 2013

http:/ seems to be hanging in there. Been eating a little more every day. Not tons. But more. Still won’t eat dog food. In general he seems better though. I do better when he does. Starting to settle in that this is our new reality. started the power mushrooms and after the first dose he […]

a little Better even. .

June 26, 2013

Chuck is eating a little more and is happy to do so. Some of the refrigerated dog food and some treats and some lunch meat. Diahhrea seems to be subsiding. Great food? Probably not but hopefully on the upward trend of getting him to eat in his bowl again. I’m a little more relaxed these […]

a little better…

June 25, 2013

Had my sister come over to see if she could cheer chuck up. He ate a milk bone from her! . Granted that’s all he would eat but he’s been licking food that we give him rather than completely refusing it. So it seems like he’s a little more interested in food today. Still diahreah […]


June 24, 2013

Still having a hard time to get chuck to eat anything. I literally have to force him to take his meds wrapped in peanut butter. Only because he spits everything else out. I’m worried sick. Immodium hasn’t firmed his stools. No vomiting so I guess that’s good. But every time I say one thing is […]

2 days post IV chemo

June 23, 2013

Chuck did start to have a diareahh today. He is eating but not in the amounts he normally does. Feeding him small meals of chicken and rice for now. No vomiting. His energy level is good. Pain does seem to be well managed. So main side effect is the diareahh. I’m totally spelling that wrong […]

So Chuck has officially been on all meds. Iv chemo and his daily dose of cytoxan and three times a week of palladia. No vomiting. No diareah. One loose stool. Sorry for the tmi lol. Hes drinking and peeing a lot but ive read that he needs to so he can rid his system of […]

Treatment started

June 21, 2013

Chuck is doing great. I’m stressed. Just hoping we did the right thing. Our plan seems a bit unconventional but doc seems hopeful. I feel like I should trust him. I’m just sick over every ounce of this. I met a tripawd parent today. Both of his dogs had OSA. One rear leg on front. […]

Finally got a chance to look at the actual plan. .. Metronomic chemo and maximal tolerated dose of adriamycin. IV of above every three weeks x 5 Then cyclophosphamide orally daily Toceranils three times a week Deramaxx daily .5 mg boniva per day Dont know what that means but from what I’ve read about the […]