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Finally got a chance to look at the actual plan. ..
Metronomic chemo and maximal tolerated dose of adriamycin.

IV of above every three weeks x 5

cyclophosphamide orally daily
Toceranils three times a week
Deramaxx daily
.5 mg boniva per day

Dont know what that means but from what I’ve read about the plan we are optimistic for some good time with him.

Tomorrow starts iv treatment at vet. Will post how hes doing

2 Responses to “our treatment plan for anyone who wants to know.”

  1. benny55 said:

    Glad you’ve got some specifics. I know feels good to be doing something. I assume as is the case with most of this stuff, You can stop taking it if side effects show up.

    You know that the website is. having technical problems. So post when you can get on and we’ll be replying when we can get on!!

    Hang in there Lori. This is a great plan. As always, stay focused on the moment and of worry about the tomorrows! Go give that precious pup a big hug and watch his tail was!! Now smile:-) 🙂

    sally and Happy Hannah

  2. jerry said:

    Again, this is great information Lori, thank you.

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