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Treatment started

June 21, 2013

Chuck is doing great. I’m stressed. Just hoping we did the right thing. Our plan seems a bit unconventional but doc seems hopeful. I feel like I should trust him. I’m just sick over every ounce of this.

I met a tripawd parent today. Both of his dogs had OSA. One rear leg on front. One lived for over two years!

Then I stared thinking I’m doing the wrong thing again. No going back now. I guess I’d second guess myself no matter what.

Just stressed today.

4 Responses to “Treatment started”

  1. benny55 said:

    Ohhhhhh My Dear Lori,

    U fortunately all this “second guessing” and stressing over any and every decision you make is, indeed, a “side effect” of this stupid disease! We ALL do it—some may hide it better than others. And, as to e goes on you begin to realize that ANY decision made out of love IS the best decision!

    None of these treatments have any real proven sure fire results and basically everything is still uncharted territory. Chuck is a very big senior boy who just wants quality time with you by his side. You are doing g everything possible to give him that WITHOUT putting him at greater risk by doing so ethng that could compromise that.

    You have definitely come to the right place to have a “stress out blow out party”! We do it a lot around here and generally feel much better after we do! It seems to be a momentary cure to get us back to a positive state of being present in the moment with our pups.

    The best “treatment” you can give Chuck is to savor every so gle God second you have with him! do. mean ssvor it! Love him, spoil him, be in the moment with him loving every blissful moment you are togethtogether! Let NOTHING rob you of these who derful memories in the. akig! Do something to make his tail wag and then go praise him like crazy!

    Remember, Chuck’s not worried about how long he will live or whether he is sick. He could care less! He just wants every moment with you to count… be joyful, happy and loving! And that’s the greatest gift of all…..for BOTH of you!

    You are just a great advocate for your Chuck. You AND your vet have made decisions that may help. You can always switch it up later…stop…go forward with something else..whatever.

    Trust me, we ALL understand now you are feeling g and we all are here to support you and give you strength. You are very, very brave Ms. Lori and we are walking right by your side. Hold onto our “paw” and we won’t let you go!

    Now, what can you do right. ow that will make Chuck’s big ole’ tail wag?? No—no procrastinating….what did you come up with? Okay, now go do it and praise him and reward him with a great big “I love you” hug:-) 🙂 Now that’s the joy of living in the. moment!!

    Anyway you can get us some ore pictures?? Would love’ love, love pictures of that hand so e boy!! That would make everyone smile!

    Lots of love,

    Sally and Happy Hannan

  2. Christine said:

    Don’t stress… although it is easier said than done!
    spoil him and praise him when he does good.. he will get through it..
    he will just enjoy the day by day and lover you no matter what…
    and of course, how could you not mega love that big ol’ guy back!!
    you are in our thoughts and prayers.. and don’t be afraid to some to chat when you can…

  3. lorimomofasaint said:

    Thank you guys so much 🙂 he’s doing better today. He was pretty tired all day yesterday. Today he has some spunk back and seems to be getting along better. You guys have been so supportive I don’t know what id do without this site.

  4. olliewogforever said:

    It’s truly an “up and down” time. One moment you are just so happy to have him with you and the next agonizing over what is the right thing to do. It’s a constant battle to stay with the amazing dog mindset of just being here now and enjoying it. But is a battle worth fighting! The little things become so amazing. Our dog Ollie had his front left leg amputated a month ago because of osteosarcoma. I am blown away at how he is doing. Just watching him thoroughly happy laying in the cool grass brings me such joy. He has finally gone into his “pit” under the lilac bushes. He painstakingly dug this for months and is his escape from Otis (our other dog) and upcoming baths. For some reason, since this all began, he hasn’t gone in there, until this morning. It’s made me so happy because I know he has relaxed a little more and is allowing himself to do what he used to do.

    Take care and let us know how Chuck is doing. He is a sweetie.

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