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So Chuck has officially been on all meds. Iv chemo and his daily dose of cytoxan and three times a week of palladia. No vomiting. No diareah. One loose stool. Sorry for the tmi lol. Hes drinking and peeing a lot but ive read that he needs to so he can rid his system of excess cytoxan. Hes in great spirits today. So thats good. His appetite could be better. He eats half of what he normally eats out of his bowl. He will eat anything I hand feed him though. Just not kibble. So we may have to home cook his meals. Hes always been a picky slow eater (I attribute it to his stomach being tacked to his ribs from his bloat episode) so trying not to look too much into it. Trying to keep myself from calling my vets cell every 20 mins though he’s very understanding. I still think im still in the grief process from all of this. I go from feeling and acting normal to being angry that this is happening to freaking out over every move chuck makes or doesnt make back to being normal. Repeat cycle lol.

he starts biphosphinate next week. Pharmacy had to special order it. Chuck will orally be taking boniva. I think it’s a little unconventional but doc seems to think its what he needs for now. Hes going to only be on this for 15 weeks. Then I’m guessing we switch to something else? I dunno.

I know so many of my friends and family think it’s ridiculous what we are doing. Spending god knows how much to have a few (hopefully more) good months with our dog. I joke and say I could buy a really nice tv or go on a European vacation with the money but right now we would rather use that money to be with him. Then they ask why I’m keeping a dog alive for me. And is that fair. If at any time he shows me he’s done., then we are too. But hes still so alive and I can’t imagine not trying to keep him as comfortable as we can. plus its helping me live in the today. Mostly. My mind still gets ahead of me but I’ll catch myself and Jump back to today.

Anyway, for those who have responded or that I’ve seen in chats or in forums…THANK YOU. I would be lost without this site.

3 Responses to “officially on all meds ish…”

  1. benny55 said:

    Oh, we understand the cycles all to well—and the well. meaning (but uniformed friends)

    That’s why we are here….we understand…we get it…and we all love our animal family!

    I can’t do the math, but keep in mind, several months in a dog’s life is over a year in human terms!

    I’m sure the eating thing is related to his tummy/bloat issues. Plus, I’m sure the more some coo,king he gets the more he’ll hold out for that!

    You are doing a great job of staying present in the moment and enjoying every blissful, joyous second! I know Chuck is!

    I’m so happy he’s doing well and tnooughlh enjoying life!! Good mob Chuck! Good mob Mom!

    Have a splendid day!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  2. fourminipups said:

    Chuck seems to be handling things well and it sounds like he is on his way to assuming his normal life as dog.

    Hang in there. This diagnosis has a tendency to overwhelm us. We also get information overload between what the vet says, what the people around us say and what we ourselves read and hear during our need to know research. In the end, we have to go with what our gut says even if that sometimes doesn’t seem quite right either!

    I think you are making the decisions that fit for Chuck and yourself and if others don’t like it then they aren’t putting themselves in your situation. In the end, we’ve all done the best we possibly could.

    Take care and give Chuck a big hug!

    Luanne and Shooter

  3. jerry said:

    We ALL get your reasons for doing what you are doing to help Chuck. Only a few special people on this earth really understand the incredible lessons and reasons why dogs are here to help humans. What a gift to be able to get that. The others, well, I feel sorry for them.

    I’m glad you’re sharing info about the bisphosphonates, thank you. Somewhere someone will find your blog SO useful when considering a similar path for their own tripawd.

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