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2 days post IV chemo

June 23, 2013

Chuck did start to have a diareahh today. He is eating but not in the amounts he normally does. Feeding him small meals of chicken and rice for now. No vomiting. His energy level is good. Pain does seem to be well managed. So main side effect is the diareahh. I’m totally spelling that wrong but to lazy to spell check. Lol

Took him for a walk in the woods today. He loved it. Wasn’t overly exerted so that makes me happy to see. I’m of course super concerned about the tummy issues. Gave doc a call, and he told me to give chuck pepto and immodium. He doesn’t go often but when he does its like someone turned the faucet on. Lol. Sorry . Just started immodium so hopefully that helps.

Just talked to chucks brothers dad who gave us our vet recommendation . I guess they are really concerned about the two other pups from their litter that had OSA. They are saying that there is a high likilihood that due to the family history his brother might have the cells in the bone but they haven’t manifested yet? Ad because chucks bro has pins in his leg there is a chance of the cells

Todays walk! This ones for you benny lol

Todays walk! This ones for you benny lol

considering it something to attack and can trigger them to activate? I don’t know if anyone has heard or been through similar where DNA seems to be the root cause, but if you have any suggestions on preventative measures ill be happy to pass them along.

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  1. Michelle said:

    I know diarrhea is a side affect. If you don’t want give pepto or immodium you can give green clay. Rene & Jim told me about it. I have never had to try it but did buy some.

    I am not sure about the DNA stuff but its definately a possibility.

    Michelle & Sassy

  2. benny55 said:

    Just say “pooh poohitis”….it’s easier to spell!

    Don’t have any I sight on the DNA stuff, perhaps others will.?

    But it’s a great overall report! He maybe a little off one day, then better the next. Neck, we humans do that all the time!

    Still waiting for some ore photos! HINT! I know he’s just one big cuddle bear!

    You’re doing great! Hang in there!


    Sally and Happy Hannah

  3. lorimomofasaint said:

    Lol posted a pic from todays walk for you lol

  4. benny55 said:

    Lori, he’s MAGNIFICENT! Chuck is HUGE! He’s so handsome! And HUGE! Did I already mentioned. HUGE?Yeah, I did! But you need a huge dog being to hold such a huge heart and gentle soul! He has beautiful coloring too! I’m just blown away at what a handsome boy he is!

    Your other “boys” are cutie pies too:-)
    Thank you so much for sharing that special moment on his walk. He looks so young and so fit and just so “comfortable” living in the moment sniffing all the delicious scents nature has to offer.

    I’m all goosey bumpy all over and covered in ‘warm fuzzies” just looking at Chuck! Plucking at my heartstrings Chuck—yes you are!

    Thanks again. If you feel the slightest “worry” creep up..and Chucks sound asleep and you don’t want to wake him………..go look at this mixture ad smile knowing he’s happy:-) 🙂

    Lots of love and support to you all,

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  5. lorimomofasaint said:

    Lolol thank you! He is in great shape according to my vet. His ears can be cleaner though. I dont want to put him through more stress ws he hates getting them cleaned. I feel guilty. Pike I could have done more for him or not let him have eat marrow bones. That sounds crazy I know. But I’m in the “it’s my fault” pity party. Lol. Ugh. And his fussiness over food is really driving me nuts. I’m sure it’s the chemo. But then im like what if he’s trying to tell me something. Then I remind myself he wouldn’t be excited about going on his walks. And then I remind myself I’m crazy. Lol this sucks. Trying to stay positive.

  6. benny55 said:

    Bless your heart! We ALL understand….been there …done that….still there…doing that!! So make no apologies to us and no, you’re not crazy!

    Each, Chuck Is trying g to tell you somethng alright’ “Hey Mom! I’m here! I’m not going anywhere anytime soon! So Mom, let’s not let ANYTHING take away from the time we DO have! We are together and I’m a happy boy!” NO ONE knows time frames and Chuck doesn’t care.

    Whenever his time comes, and we all how it’s a long way away…you will know. But having an upset tummy and not being too hungry is not compromising his quality at all…it’s must feeling a little “off”.

    I know I’m writing too much to right but I don’t know when the site will go down and I want to send you as much love and support as possible. Tears can come later, wasting time in regret and what ifs(massive waste of energy) can all come later. NOW is the time for loving, laughing, spoiling and, basically going him anything he wants!

    If the pill side effects co tinue, you can always lessen amount or sto for awhile or switch em up.

    Considering the circumstances, Chuck is doing well. The quality IS there and he IS enjoying being with you.

    Now, how ’bout giving yourself a good ole’ pat n the back for doing a great job. Staying ositive—puttingforth haph positive energy….all ddeserving of a pat on the back. Praise him, clap for him–give him a reason. to wag his tail all the time! Pat yourself on the back for that too! Go up to your husband and give him a pat on the back too. Yeah, you can hug too! Ohhhh, I’m gonna stop looking now….you two are getting carried away!

    We are here for you! You are not alone!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

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