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June 24, 2013

Still having a hard time to get chuck to eat anything. I literally have to force him to take his meds wrapped in peanut butter. Only because he spits everything else out. I’m worried sick. Immodium hasn’t firmed his stools. No vomiting so I guess that’s good. But every time I say one thing is good, that’s the next issue I have. Then I start wondering if it’s the chemo or if he’s just done. Hes not even limping. His lungs were clear 3 days ago. Hes a naturally picky eater so this shouldn’t be surprise. I’d just like one thing to go smoothly. Just one. I am such a nervous wreck. I know that only intensifies the issues but I can’t help but freak out inside right now. Ugh. Waiting for doc to call me back. Then I’ll get the green clay stuff. Just praying for some good stuff to happen. I need it to.

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  1. Michelle said:

    You need to calm down & breathe. Chuck is picking up on these vibes. He doesn’t have to see them to feel them. Go outside and scream or go for a run get a massage. You need to relax.

    Sassy, got really picky about what she would eat while on chemo. She always was a little more picky than Bosch but got more so. Shoot once we started Metronomics all she would eat was goats milk, hamburger & her yogurt.

    Try putting his pills in easy cheese or get a pill gun. If you are doing metronomic pills you are using rubber gloves to handle the pills. I always give Sassy those pills with the pill gun. Any others I put in easy cheese (cheese in the can).

    What did the vet say?

    Michelle & Sassy

  2. benny55 said:

    I know it,’s frustrating and a whaxky crazy to e for you…..but not Chuck! And that’s what you have to remember. And as you’ve already mentioned, your energy must be calm, happy and positive for your by. You come here to us for the melt downs! We understand those all to well!

    I don’t recall if Chuck is on the same meds as Shooter (Luanne’s dog) it he had several days of reaction wth all of the above, plus just basically wouldn’t get us, much less eat or drink! Chuck seems to be tolerating this with fairy normal side effects.

    It o get with your vet and see if you should withdraw any daily meds(couldn’t remember what he’s takingddaily?)

    I know it’s so. such easier said than done…..and it sure is hard for all of us…–you must put forth happy, calm loving energy and FOUS on what’s going well!!! Chuck likes his walks, his tests are good, he’s wagging his tail,Praise him for every beat of his heart…praise him for every slobbery kiss:-) 🙂
    Stay in the moment with him! This time with Chuck is his gift to you! Enjoy it–he is:-) 🙂

    Wrapping you both tightly in our arms and sending serenity and calm straight to you! Here it co es——-zoom—zoom—-you got it:-) 🙂

    Go nug up on that boy for all of us!

    Sally and Happy Hannah
    Oh yeah—-it’s time for another picture….how bout a head shot and then another where he’s wagging his tail? And the crowd roars…..YES! YES!!

  3. BarretsMomHeather said:

    I don’t have any advice for you that the girls haven’t already stressed before me (BREATH, Relax, take a moment away from Chuck and vent your frustration) but I am sending loads of positive thoughts your way.

    Update us with what the vet said.

    One last thing, I posted this in the forums last week but it might be a good way for you to track how Chuck is doing as a whole during this whole process, rather than going day by day assessing quality of life:

    be sure to create your own quiz since the example was for kitties.

  4. lorimomofasaint said:

    Thanks guys. I honestly just need to freak out here. I doing my best to stay calm and happy around him, but im literally losing it inside. All my family thinks I should just put him down so its hard to talk to them. He is on the pills that I need gloves to give him. I’m pretty careful about all that. Vet is sending another px to pharmacy for diarrhea. If he doesn’t start eating by tomorrow he wants to see him.

  5. mmrocker13 said:

    Well, we didn’t do chemo, but we struggled mightily with the eating issue–especially in the first month or so. There was like a 20-day period where I was SO frustrated I was about to lose my sh1t. (And may have actually lost it…hard to tell ;-))

    If you go to our blog in the April archives, from April 9 to 29, all of the entries more or less are about our struggles with food and some of the weird azz crap we did trying to get Sampson to eat. Cheese rolled in cat treats? Been there. Meat slurry? Done that. Hand-feeding tiny sushi rolls made out of the unbleached, unprocessed, still-full-of-grass stomach lining of a cow? Bought the souvenir t-shirt.

    The important thing to do is to keep trying–and to keep trying CALMLY. As others have said, the more frustrated you get, the more frustrated he will get, b/c he’s picking up on your vibes.

    You may even try giving him “not healthy” stuff to eat–maybe it’s ice cream or cheezewhiz on crackers or tunafish or fancy feast or even hot dogs (which,as we discovered, was the ONE food Sam would eat. That was it. Oscar Meyer classic meat wieners. Not turkey links or Kosher Dogs or all-beef franks. “Meat wieners” and “meat wieners” alone. Fortunately, we have since branched out…but there must still be a wiener amidst the kibble, or PickyPicky will shun the offering.).

    Is junk food or people food or cat food the BEST nutrition choice for him? Eh, probably not…but as my vet said, eating hot dogs might not kill him. Not eating at all definitely will. You just have to get him in the habit, even if it’s only a few bites at a time.

    Feel free to go check out our blog posts (, if for no other reason than to commiserate (or to see my husband doing his impersonation of a French train driver). And know you’re not alone! 🙂 Hugs to you, and big hugs to chuck. <3

    • lorimomofasaint said:

      Lol ty 🙂 sampson sounds a lot like my guy in the eating department. Lol. I will for sure give it all a try. I’ve been trying to walk away when I get upset. I know he knows I’m upset. I still get in these modes where I’m just ready for the next disaster. My husband is the optimist in the group and I’m ready to take cover at any given moment. I’m glad the eating issues seem to be part of the game though. Atv least there are logical reasons why he isn’t eating. If he’s not Better tomorrow well head back to the vet so he can look at him. Thanks again. I’ll probably say this over and over but a place to vent really does keep me from going totally nuts At Home. 🙂

  6. mmrocker13 said:

    😀 Well, in addition to Sam (who has NEVER been a big eater, even when he was young and healthy), I also have an 8 year old cat in renal failure, and spent a good month this winter trying to get to not die from starvation, as well…so I feel like I’ve spent some serious time in the last half a year trying not to strangle the terminally ill out of frustration. (:/…but I’d not actually strangle them)

    One thing to try: end on a happy note–just like in training sessions. So, find something, ANYTHING, braunschwager, tripe, buddig lunch meat, velveeta, beef liver, chicken feet, whatever…and see if you can hand feed him just one bite–if he takes it, praise effusively, celebrate it…and then step away. 🙂 Celebrate that one moment.

    I totally sound like some weird food pimp… 😀 Everyone’s got their thing, I guess. For us, that was (and still is) it. It’s just that frustration is SO palpable, and I SO understand where you’re coming from… feel free to ignore my crazed processed-meat ramblings!

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