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a little better…

June 25, 2013

Had my sister come over to see if she could cheer chuck up. He ate a milk bone from her! . Granted that’s all he would eat but he’s been licking food that we give him rather than completely refusing it. So it seems like he’s a little more interested in food today. Still diahreah though it looks a little more brown than black today so I think that’s good? Called doc. He wants me to give him a few more days to show some improvement before we rush him in since he’s not vomiting. I think I’m stressing chuck out too. He didn’t even flinch when my sister gave him the treat. I think he’s associating me with the stressed out pill pusher. And we have been really stingy on his walks since we are not amputating so we don’t put more pressure on that leg. He wants to be by us so I let him upstairs to give him sone sense of normalcy. Really really trying not to stress him out or make him feel that something is wrong but I know I’m not doing the best of jobs. Maybe I need some xanax or something lol. Day by day I suppose.

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  1. Michelle said:

    You need to take a breather. Go do something for you for a little bit. Come back and you won’t feel so stressed. He is picking up those vibes. I know when I get stressed about Sassy eating or something she picks it up and doesn’t want to do what she needs to.

    Try to be as normal as you can with Chuck. If he wants to walk take him for a short one. No heavy romping but a small walk.

    michelle & sassy

  2. benny55 said:

    That’s more than a “little” improvement-that’s big improvement!

    You really seemed to be tuned into the ramifications of Chuck being negatively influenced by our stressful energy. I applaud you for that insight! What’s your husband’s demeanor? Is he calm, co evident? Perhaps he could take over feeding and pill duties and let you just enjoy laying out in the sun…or shade..with Chuck!

    I’m sure short walks without over exerting…or bursts of running… probably do him a lot of good for hid emotional well being. We all have to remi d ourselves…and it’s so hard—-it’s about enjoying the qualitytime, not the length of time. Just keep doing things he enjoys and clelbrate with him every wag of the tail, every sloppy kiss!

    YYou’re doing great!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

    Just be more DOG! Just let Chuck be your role model! That’s your solution right in front of you!

  3. lorimomofasaint said:

    Thanks everyone 🙂

  4. BarretsMomHeather said:

    I don’t know what I would do without my anxiety meds during this process.. but I need them on a regular basis already, just had to increase the dosage to “Deal” lately.

    If you are seriously having trouble, there is NOTHING wrong with going to see your physician. The anxiety and even sometimes depression that goes along with a cancer diagnosis in a family member (and that is what Chuck is) is normal, and some people need a little medical help (sometimes seeing a therapist, sometimes getting some Rx drugs) to get by and that’s ok.

    Ok, I said my piece 🙂 I hope Chuck continues to improve and rally!

    Heather & Barret

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