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full of energy

July 2, 2013


so I don’t know how he has energy with the amount of food he’s not eating. I won’t complain. Much. Lol. Basically the only way we can get him to eat is to sauté beef rice chicken egg and a little potato l (Add goats milk to that) roll that mixture into a peice of ham. Egg rolls chuck style if you will. His tummy is definitely worse in the mornings and progressively gets better as the day wears on. I feed him little bits at a time. I guess as long as he’s acting ok I’m just going with it. Hes always had a super sensitive stomach so this really shouldn’t be a surprise. It still concerns me though. Anyway each day gets easier to cope. Each day we make new routines. And Chuck seems happy so I guess that’s all that matters. Hopefully this pic works. Finally got it to upload. 🙂

2 Responses to “full of energy”

  1. BarretsMomHeather said:

    I’m so happy to hear he has his energy back!!!

    Egg-rolls, Chuck Style sound delicious! I want some for myself 🙂

    Hopefully things will continue to improve for you. I’m looking forward to your next update!

    Heather & Barret

  2. benny55 said:

    Hey Chuck and Lori…..

    First, don’t know if it’s the website or my tablet thing, but I’m having hard time getting on site and, as I’m typing this, the photo still hasn’t shown up. Darn! And you know how I like photos!

    Oh YAY! Just scrolled back up and there’s that handsome Chuck!! YAY! His coloring is so striking!

    I love how you can must tell he’s lopping along _being dog”—-enjoyi g just being out in nature! Your little boy is adorable “walking” Chuck on the leash. You can must tell how gentle Chuck is with him.

    This is such a wonderful update Lori…..for you and Chuck! BOTH of you have come such a long way on a rather “challenging” journey sometimes!

    Hey! He’s eating! Maybe several meals at a time, but he’s eating! And know he’s losing the attention he’s getting being hand fed good stuff!

    Don’t know if I me tioned this or what your vet would think—–how ’bout giving him a few days worth of prednisone steroid to bump up his appetite? Short term use doesn’t usually have any major side effects….maybe a little extra peeing ad being thirsty. Also maybe a B 12 cocktail injection too.

    And Lori said, “Chuck seems happy and I guess it’s all that matters.”. And it IS all that matters and that’s aHUGE victory! HUGE! And now mom can enjoy how good seeing him happy feels!

    “Ain’t it grand”?

    I really hope you recognize how wonderfully well you are doing! This journey is quite a roller coaster ride sometimes, but it’s a ride that’s well worth it! Keep staying in the present with Chuck and let nothing rob you of the joy of being together now!

    Always look forward to your update and love celebrating your progress!

    Gonna go make some egg rolls Chuck style…. but these are his dessert….loaded with ice cream:-) 🙂

    Great update!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

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