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sneaky boy

July 3, 2013

20130703_055653Last night chuck snuck upstairs and pretty much refused to leave my room. We have been gating off the stairs so he doesn’t climb them just for safety reasons. One of us will sleep downstairs with him just so he’s not lonely. Well he got passed them and would. Not. budge. I of course was worried that something was wrong as 9 times out of 10 he’d rather be with my husband. Deep breaths.

We finally get him back downstairs and when my husband leaves for work I come down and usually fall back asleep on the couch until my son wakes up. No such luck. Chuck demanded I lay with him on the ground. I must have pet him for an hour and he was in bliss. Yes I still worried that something must be wrong. He hasn’t been this chuck like since before he was sick. Right before he got dx’d though he was stuck to me like glue which is why I worry. And he was like that right before I got sick 2 months ago. Ugh. Are you telling me you feel better chuck? I hope. Hes been more and more peppy every day. He even got out his nylabone and started playing with it. Whaaaaa?

Then there’s his eating. Last night he ate a bowl of. .. dog food. For my husband. When I wasn’t home. Lol this morning he ate a little more ham for him. I go to feed him his usual concoction of hamrolls.. nope. No way. Wont even look at them. So I give it a break. Make myself some waffles. Put them on the table. Go get my coffee. Come back. Wafffflesss are gonnneee. Surely it couldn’t have been my non starch eating pup? As hes licking the syrup off of his jowls. Yup. He reeked of maple.

I’m thinking the munchie meds are working? lol at least he seems to be feeling better. I guess I have to watch what I put down on the table again. 🙂

6 Responses to “sneaky boy”

  1. jerry said:

    Yay Chuck! I’ll take a sneaky boy over a non-eating one any day!

    Isn’t it great what Tripawds can get away with? Heee heee!

  2. benny55 said:

    Ohhhhhh that mug!! LOVE THAT MJG! What a handsome’ ha some boy!

    Lori, you’re doing a great job of appreciating the moment and living in the moment? But ow I’m gonna a’ scramble your brain and ask you to go back to two’ three weeks ago….even a week ago. Now look at how Chuck is TODAY versus then!! Yeah! That deserves a WOOF! WOOF!

    You are such a great mirror for me! As I’m imparting “for whatever it’s worth doggy wisdom” to you, I’m really repeating things I need to remind my own self about!! Thanks for that!

    Okay’ here’s another little “something”! CHUCK CLIMBED THE STAIRS AND DIDN’T WANT TO BUDGE! (Now that’s a dog who is VERY aware of his size and the advantage of it!)

    The meaning K IMMEDIATELY gave it was WOW! GREAT! He felt good enough, strong enough and NORMAL enough to go upstairs like he always did and n’ wasn’t about to go back down!! No siree!

    So we have a “circumstance” with no “meaning” u til we assign it OE! We both gave it two different ones!

    I think he’s by your side so much because he loves the attention AND n’ definitely feels your underlying g worries and wants to “help” YOU!! Could be, huh?

    K love how you two are so committed to Chuck—-everything yo do is so loving

    He’s trying to say “let’s get back to normal” because that’s all he k ows–in his mind everything ISNORMAL! He’s so darn cute! Maybe you can let him go up the stairs now…I don’t know….whatever the vet says….but if it makes him happy and he goes slow..maybe ?

    I’m so hap he’s eating better too! All is well I Chuck’s world:-) 🙂

    Gotta scroll back up and look at that mug…..he is so precious!

    You are one powerhouse Ms. Lori and you are doing such a great job! Your growth is a thrill to watch!

    Lots of love to all,

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  3. Karma said:

    That is wonderful. Isn’t it so great when they are feeling good enough to get back to getting into trouble? Big bear hug to Chuck from us.

  4. lorimomofasaint said:

    Thanks guys 🙂 today is a good day. 🙂

  5. lorimomofasaint said:

    Thanks guys 🙂 today is a good day. 🙂 letting go of the reasons why he wants to be by me and just enjoying him being chuck again. As best i can lol

  6. fourminipups said:

    Mom must make great waffles! Keep eating Chuck!

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