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Chuck still isn’t eating. Is on metronidazole plus some appetite stimulant and now he’s added puking to the mix. Not often but twice now in the last 4 days. And he pukes up these orange things that look like carrots. He hadn’t eaten any carrots so I don’t know if it is his treats stained by the liquid tinic and that is what I’m seeing but it’s freaking me out. Calling doc tomorrow to hopefully get him in. Hes otherwise fine. Not limping. Energetic. But eating like an Olson twin. And it’s driving me nuts. I’ve tried force feeding him goats milk. That seems to be what he’s puking up. But hes back to eating nothing. Ugh.

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  1. benny55 said:

    Drats! What the heck Mr. Chuck! This. not eating is driving your momma nuts! You got that big boy? Nuts! And when humans are on this journey, the nutty farm is just one step away! You dogs are great atliving in the moment and not worrying, vbut we humans haven’t mastered that!

    Lori, is it possible that the goat’s milk is the problem? K was just googling cottage cheese for dogs and there was a lot of stuff about lactose and dogs. The summation was that cottage cheese has low amount t of lactose…..milk being on the higher end but I don’t know about goat’s milk. Just a thought

    Glad you’ll get so e reassurance from your vet tomorrow….this stuff can be so doggone worriso e.

    But, I really do doubt that T’s anything…just some I tolerance to something g. don’t k ow how long he’s been o. goat’s milk’ but that could be the culprit. The fact that his energy level is good and he’s action g fii e is a other huge validation that this probably nothing big

    Olson twin?! That was great! Keeping a sense of humor helps! Good job Lori—-you’re getting the hang of this “unique” journey:-) 🙂

    Now you k ow to do a post without a picture of that magnificent specimen of a dog is just wrong! You get a pass to right, but it will be great to see one with your update to morrow! And no, not a picture of the puke:-)

    So glad he’s feeling great though! That really is a great sign of progress!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  2. fourminipups said:

    Come on Chuck – you have to eat. Especially so your Mom can stop worrying.

    You might check on putting him on Prednisone. It makes Shooter’s appetite insatiable and I know Maggie the Cow Dog had some eating issues and the pred really helped a lot. You might check out her blog.

  3. jerry said:

    Lori, let us know what the vet says OK? We are thinking of you.

  4. megan said:

    Sampson also has struggled with food (I think we’ve chatted about this before… Feel free to see the month-long series of blog posts where I compared him to a French Transit Worker as he refused to eat anything at all :p).

    We did not have luck with any appetite stimulants except for prednisone. We started at 20 mg, and are down to 5 now. It was the ONLY thing we found that would get him to eat. He eats more now than he ever has in his life, and has gained back all the weight he lost post-amp, and then some (which is fine, b/c he had lost quite a bit beforehand, as well).

    You might want to see if that helps at all…and also, look into the metro as a complicating factor. I know that it can cause stomach upset/GI issues, so that may either be why he is vomiting or why he doesn’t want to eat much.

  5. BarretsMomHeather said:

    I second Jerry, let us know what the vet said. Especially about the orange things. I think I’ve found something similar in vomit on weeks that we didn’t feed carrots…

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