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Chuck had a dose last night and a dose this morning and he will not easy. Not one bite. Is his liver shutting down? Is there metastasis there? Would that show up in bloodwork? . I’m seriously starting to mind here. Why won’t he eat?!

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  1. mmrocker13 said:

    Shhhhhh…deep breaths. Seriously deep breaths. Chuck totally will pick up on your frustration–no matter how you try to stuff it down. The absolute best thing you can do is focus on the small victories.

    I 100% feel your pain–I went through it last fall with a young cat in stage IV renal failure; and again for WEEKS with Sam this spring (well, and also we’re going through it with my grandma, too, FWIW). It is SUCH a frustrating thing–you just want to shake them and say “WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU??? YOU CAN’T GET BETTER IF YOU DON’T EAT! EATING IS EASY! IT’S NOT EVEN MEDICINE! EAT YOU CRAPPY LITTLE BASTARD, EAT!!! >:/” (Okay, maybe you don’t feel that way…but I sure did :p)

    Okay, back to the deep breaths. Then, stop thinking about all the “what ifs” or “what if it’s this or thats”. Focus on the what is and what you can control right this second.

    Start tiny–very tiny. Tiny and stinky. What are you feeding him? Have you tried hand-feeding? Have you tried junk food? Really horrid junk food? Cat food? People food? Microwaved food? Cold food?

    Some things to try:
    Ice cream
    Cut up hot dogs (we prefer Oscar Meir Classic Meat weiners. Not kosher. Not all beef. Just the Classic Meat.)
    canned tuna fish
    Liver (Beef liver, fresh…not dried)
    Baby food–the Gerber ham seems to be a favorite. Mac n’ cheese, too.
    tripe (the unbleached, not-for-human consumption kind–canned, found at specialty stores)
    Fancy Feast (<—Yes, for real, Fancy Feast. Not any kind of dog food. Fancy feast)
    Bologna (the crappy kind)
    Buddig lunch meat or other heinousness
    Dry cat food

    You may have to hand feed him, one little bite at a time. If you can get one bite in, praise him and try for two. If you get two, try for three. And then STOP. End on a high note. Come back in a bit, but make it happy at the time.

    You may have to experiment with consistencies…adding water, warming it up, cooling it down. You may have to combine things to varying degrees of awfulness (see: the buddig/tripe sushi balls and chicken/fancy feast/popsicle slurry examples).

    He may eat a bit of something with zest and then refuse it later (lesson: don't buy 14 cases of something just b/c he ate three bites of it, or you may end up with a palate of Gerber Ham Puree and no baby to feed it to once the dog has turned his nose up at it. Unless you have a baby, in which case two birds, one stone, and all that jazz.)

    There is a time and a place to be concerned about nutrition and super foods and vitamins and all that. When they are refusing to eat is not that time. You just need to focus on getting him in the habit of eating.

    One other thought… if the mirtazapine doesn't work, or the B12, have you tried prednisone? We had zero luck on cypro, mirtazapine, or B12. But the pred DID work. It meant we had to go off of our piroxicam…but you kind of have to pick your battles, I guess.

    No matter what, I feel for you. I so understand how frustrtaing it is (and then how guilty you feel for feeling frustrated). Hugs and hungry vibes coming yoru way. <3

  2. benny55 said:


    You’ve just gotten advice from the “King of Not Eating…SAM” and the
    “Queen of You Are Going to EaT…..MEGHAN” and free of charge!!

    And you jave another voice advoacating pred. So, please call your vet and, unless there is a valid reasonto ot give it to him, tell him you want to pick it up TODAY!

    Ask your husband to feed him for awhile amd you stay out of that loop. Let him be in charge of the meds., etc. and you just focus on being his FUN playmate…..happy dancing with him everytime he even blknks!! Jjst make him associate you with fun and joy and not meds and food and the frustration (understandably) you are feeling!

    Try what mmrocker says, get te pred. today, and go get Chuck a bowl of ice cream (nave your husbamd gice it ro him:-) )

    one more quickie……..liver enzymes were slightly elevated did you say? Search milk thistle on the site….it’s a proven herb to help with that…..also you can get a prescription…Denamarin(sp) and it’s given WITHOUT food!

    Update us on YOU……..Chuck’s doing pretty darn good! The tumor shrunk and he’s getting around fine not worrying avpbout a thing!

    Get the Pred:-) 🙂

    Lots of hugs,

    Sall and Happy Hannah

  3. Michelle said:

    Meghan is right. Every time you stress Chuck is picking it up. How did the walk/ride go? Did that perk him up. I have said in the chat Sassy has been very picky about what she was eating especially since we started Metronomics. Iv Chemo she ate but did get naseaus. Metronomics we went through almost 3 months of eating nothing but hamburger. then chicken then she didn’t really want either of those. So we added goats milk (which I know you tried). Its a matter of just trying little things that tempt him just like Meghan said.

    try the Prednisone but be prepared they drink a lot & pee a lot on that. 🙂

    Michelle & Sassy

  4. mmrocker13 said:

    Because Sampson is contrary in nature, we never had an issue with increased pee. I kept waiting for it, and it never happened. But he’s always had an iron bladder, even now in his dotage (well, it’s more like tin, these days…but he can still hold it WAY longer than his sister. Especially if there is a hint o’ rain in teh forecast. He’ll go for a full day if a single stormcloud threatens his internal doppler radar). 😀

    We do have the panting all. the. time. though, lest we miss out on ALL the good side effects. :p


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