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post visit to doctor

July 9, 2013

Went to docs. He was impressed with chucks mobility and also did note that the tumor shrunk. Good news.
He’s lost 20 lbs in 3 weeks. And his liver (I think? Maybe kidney) enzymes are a little elevated. So we are off metronomics to hopefully this resolves. (Bad news)
Gave him a b vitamin shot plus a new px for mirtzapine. Fingers xd. He puked up water he drank in my car. He did drink alot of water very fast. Ugh
a magic wand would be fabulous. I’d pay top dollar!

4 Responses to “post visit to doctor”

  1. benny55 said:

    The tumor has shrunk? Did I get that right? That’s wonderful! That’s really good news Lori!
    Glad the vet was able to reassure you that he was impressed with his mobiity. That Chuck, as gentle as he is, sure is a fighter.

    The puking in the car—-I think you pretty much figured the cause —lots of water—car ride—-trip to vet——all pretty good recipe for car puking!

    Just curious—did vet co sider prednisone at all to stimulate appetite? Also, have you dried dry cat food or canned cat food? Sometimes dogs wil eat that. I know you don’t want him to loose anymore weight, but I guess the silver lining is it’s better for his leg this way.

    I’ll look around for some magic wands. I think you’tr on to something!

    Hang in there Lori and celebrate with Chuck for knocking that tumor down in size! Good job Cuck:-) 🙂

    Sally and Hapy Hannah

  2. lorimomofasaint said:

    We have tried the cat did thing but to no avail 🙁 I’m a lot worried about the enzyme issue add I hope it can be and will be resolved. Vet is pretty determined to have another iv treatment especially since he’s seen progress. Oyyyyyy veyyy this is nerve wrecking. EAT CHUCK EAT. lol. He wanted to try this med first before prednisone. Don’t know why. I think he’s trying to stock my medicine cabinet. Lol

  3. krun15 said:

    Hi Lori,
    If the vet said high enzymes he is talking about his liver. I personally have had liver issues and can say that when my enzymes are high I don’t feel like eating (one of the few times!).
    When the trigger is removed (in my case NSAIDs) my enzymes go back to the normal range. Were the kidney values OK? I ask because my tripug Maggie developed kidney failure late in life and one of the signs was lack of appetite. Did he do a urine test? I think that is how kidney issues are diagnosed, its been a few years I don’t remember for sure.
    One thing I learned with Maggie- when I got stressed about her not eating she picked up on it and it made it worse. I was trying to entice her one day and she got tired of me and went outside to get away from me ; ).
    I hope Chuck is feeling better soon.

  4. lorimomofasaint said:

    Thanks guys. I’m just freaked about his weight loss which is sending me spinning today. Doc said he wanted to try the b vitamin first and mirtzapine and then maybe prednisone if that didn’t work. Im wondering if the nsaids are the culprit too but we can’t take him off the pain meds. I’ve gone back to giving them every 10 hours instead of 8. I might push that back to 12 of his pain is ok. I’m really trying not to lose it. This morning I was extra frustrated because we were just at the doctor and I just want it either fixed or have him tell me that there is a physical reason behind this they can’t be controlled so we can move forward with decisions from there. This wait and see stuff drives me bonkers. They tried to get a urine sample but he refused to pee. Hes not overly drinking water or peeing constantly. He does seem a little dehydrated though. I’ve tried since of those options. Ill keep giving the others a try. My doc is off today so if Chuck continues his hunger strike I’ll call him again tomorrow. Thanks for your help guys. Steriously. Megan I read your blogs from when your guy was going through his eating stuff and it is pretty much verbatim what I’ve been thinking feeling and saying lol at the very least I know I’m not the only one that went through this. Hopefully something works or chucks cancer isn’t going to be what kills him.

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