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Just some photos…

July 13, 2013

Because he’s doing great today. And I’m celebrating that instead of wallowing in my worries. 🙂
ps.. my bIMG_20130713_180305aby bullet is proving to be quite useful for creating meat smoothies for Chuck so that we can pump him up and get him fat 🙂 well. Not fat. But bigger again. And the smoothies seem to be helping his interest in food in general. I’ll give him a smoothie and then all of a sudden he’s being for food! Whaaaa?! Lol

2 Responses to “Just some photos…”

  1. Christine said:

    awww… what a great photo! He likes the water I take it?
    Nothing wrong with smoothies.. anything to get them eating again is a great thing!!
    keep up the good work… and give him a scratch behind that right ear for me.. no … not that one.. the other one!! lol

  2. benny55 said:

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! This is a beautiful picture–a real treasure!

    Lori, I’m happy beyond words about the progress you and Chuck have made together! Stellar job!!

    He’s EATING!! Did you ever think you would be posting that Chudk is EATING?? YAY for you and YAY for smoothies!!

    Lori, I hope you really immerse yourself in that photo and reflect on what a lovely scene it is….-.Chuck is blissfully content and is so focused on all the gifts of just being present in nature. Look how the water has made ripples around his feet. Looks like ripples that are keeping him safe in their circle of protection. Yep! Thaht’s what it looks like to me!

    Keep on sucking down those smoothies Chuck…..bathe in them….do whatever it takes…..just keep on keeping on Chuck!! You are a special soul full of all sorts of “life lessons” for all of us privileged enough to “know” you!

    You are a beautiful by Chuck. So glad to have this wonderful hoto of you today! This is one of those “frame nd make it a focal point of the room” pictires.

    Making some smoothies over here…..but they’re made out of ice cream!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

    PS…Can’t say enough about what an imcredible photo that is on so many levels:-) 🙂

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