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stronger still..

July 16, 2013

Well the ensure wetdogfood yogurt chicken soup smoothies on top of a different appetite stimulant seemed to work. chuck ate am entire roasted chicken and sweet potatoes yesterday. And today he did the same. On his own. Out of his bowl. No hand feeding. With. .. wait for it. … his own dry dog food?! Granted it was about a cup of it but whaaaaa?! Who is this big oaf?! I love him so much.

He had started limping. something he hasn’t done since pre chemo. And I’m trying to not freak out. I know I have options that can help with it. Whether we amp or try modifying the treatment plan, I know there are Options for this hurdle. It’s just nice to see him getting stronger and I’ll be honest I’m a little freaked out no matter what we choose that we will backtrack with the eating stuff again. But I guess today I’ll rejoice in my big boys full belly 🙂

7 Responses to “stronger still..”

  1. Michelle said:

    Way to go chuck. Glad you are eating 🙂

    keep going buddy

    michelle & Sassy

  2. Dari said:

    Good food and solid rest helps build healthy cells, keep up the healthy work team….

    Dari and Sloane

  3. benny55 said:

    YAAAAAAAY! ‘Was wondering when we’d get another great update and…BAM…here it is! That’s wonderrul! A whole chickend AND dry food…and sweet potatoes?? Happh Hannah and I are coming over for supper! You did say ice cream for dessert, didn’t you?

    Remember, his tests have ome back amazingly well! Heck, he could have a limp every now and then from who knows what!

    What you DO know is he’s feeling so much better—he’s happy—he’s eating—he’s enjoying his lofe and you are having the gift of time to love him and spoil him:-) 🙂

    You are seeing the rewards of your loving care and patience! Good job Lori! You dn’t jave to make any decisins about anything right now except keeping up with roasting those chickes!!

    Give that “sweet OAF” of your a hug from all of us! I kow he’s enjoyig seeing yo happy and I know how thrilled you are to see him happy!!

    Lots of love,

    Sally and Hapoy Hannah

  4. fourminipups said:

    YES!!!! So happy for both you and Chuck. We’ll send pawsitive thoughts your way on the limp.

  5. mmrocker13 said:

    Pretty soon he’ll be packing on the pounds 🙂 Vibes for the limp–hopefully it’s nothing at all! <3

  6. jerry said:

    Woooohooo! I hope things continue to go this well and get even better for Chuck.

    When it comes to the limping: keep an eye on it but try to keep in mind that now that he’s feeling better, he’s using his body more and probably sore. Try to take a note of when it occurs and how it presents itself, then discuss with your vet of course.

    Keep us posted!

  7. BarretsMomHeather said:

    That is fantastic that he is eating. It sounds like a gross combination, but it Chuck likes it, it must be good 🙂

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