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20130813_163839Just wanted to quickly update on our big guy. Hes been doing pretty good. These last few weeks have been relatively good. Weve had some minor bumps. His back legs got a little stiff for a few days but that seems to correct itself. Doc thinks it’s more related to arthritis than anything. On a brighter Note his appetite remained stable even without stimulants and he gained a few lbs back. We started back on the stimulant just so we can really boost his eating and have him gain more weight. I still go back and forth with eventually amping only because I’m worried about those back legs. But who knows. I’m really trying to just focus on today and deal with tomorrow when it comes.
As for his cancer the tumor seems to be smaller and stable for now. Fingers crossed we continue to make progress. I bought the dog cancer book and so much of it makes sense about this journey. Especially the emotional part. The Hills and valleys in coping with this disease aren’t quite as steep right now as I feel like we’ve gained a little momentum though I’m a bit superstitious when it comes to this whole battle . I’ve never prayed so much in my life though I’m sure that would make my mom proud lol. Anyway, thought I’d share our last few weeks, thank you all for your support and attach a photo of our car ride home yesterday after chemo 🙂
love to all,
lori and chuck

5 Responses to “3rd round of chemo under our belt…”

  1. jerry said:

    Well you look pretty darn good to me Chuck!

    Heck, run with it. You are proof that cancer doesn’t always play by the rules and with some divine intervention it can go in our favor. May the force/karma/buddah/god/allah/gonesh and all those guys be with you! YESSS!

    Love hearing good updates and knowing you’re loving life my friend.

  2. fourminipups said:

    Chuck, that is one happy face! You just keep eating like you should. It makes your Mom happy!

    Luanne and Shooter

  3. benny55 said:

    LORI! It is SOOOOOO great to actually see a blog on that PRECIOUS Chuck! It’s been waaaaaaay too lo g!

    Chuck looks wonderful Lori! He looks so happy AND sooooo cuddly!! That mug! Those fabulois jowls!!

    There is o way a dog could look any cuter!

    I’m so glad you’re experiencing the quaility time that is full of love, spoiling and vuilding so e “forever memories” Chuck AND you have come such a lng way on this journey! You toughed it out Lori, and that helped Chuck to tough it out You’ve figured out what’s working best for Chuck and getting the results necessary to ensure he stays a happy boy!

    I really can’t tell you haw happy I am that you posted a blog update AND photo! You are using Chuck as your role model for living in the moment with no worries.

    Congratulations on gaining some weight too Chuck! You really are doing your part Chuck…and so is mo ! Good job to both of you!

    More often updates WITH photos is just fine with the tripawd community……hint:-)

    Lots of love!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  4. kdmilazzo said:

    Chuck you look great and have a bald spot on your front leg that matches Bella’s exactly (spots and all). She’s a Saint as well. She says hang in there Chuck, us big guys do pretty good with all this stuff.

  5. BarretsMomHeather said:

    Hi Lori! I’m not sure why but I think of you and Chuck often, though I haven’t seen an update in awhile. I think its because during Barret’s recovery you were in chat and often helped talk me off the ledge. I am so thankful for that.

    I am so glad you posted a blog! I find keeping up with the blogs much easier than keeping up in the forums with the little time I have available. I am thrilled to hear that Chuck is improving. Keep the blog updated – what a beautiful handsome boy you have!!

    heather & barret

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