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Chemo 4 out of 5 in the bag!

September 3, 2013

2013-09-03 17.17.26

it’s hard to believe 3 months ago I was worried we would even get to this point. Minus that first month, chuck has handled chemo so well. His bloodwork was great again and he sailed through this round without a hitch. Hes been so upbeat and playful this month. Even more so recently. Doc examined him and is impressed with how stable the tumor has remained. We discussed our plans post iv chemo and for now it’s to remain on metronomics and oral biphosphinate with a reevaluation a month post iv, 2 months, 4 months then 8. I was kinda shocked we talked to long in the future but I guess that’s why I like my vet. Hes so positive and hopeful for the future that it keeps us trucking. I’m not naive to how quickly this disease progresses nor how suddenly things change but this whole process has kept us in the today and enjoying every minute of the time we are blessed with him. 3 months ago we were told that we could lose him in a matter of weeks. When we originally discussed our chemo plan with our vet I told my husband “well, at least he thinks he’ll be here 4 months from now”. Every day and every moment has been a blessing. Keep on truckin big chuck! You’ve made me a stronger person and I couldn’t be more greatful πŸ™‚

6 Responses to “Chemo 4 out of 5 in the bag!”

  1. Michelle said:

    Yay Lori & Chuck. I am so glad you have a great plan in place and you have “become more dog”. Those first few posts I was worried about you. I am glad Chuck is doing so well. Keep kicking butt buddy. You are doing so awesome

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  2. benny55 said:

    look at this

  3. benny55 said:

    Oops! What I was trying to say is look at this big boy Chuck sitting up there proud and strong! What a glorios post this is!

    YAAAAAAAAAAY CHUCKSTER! This is a GREAT celwbraion ineed!

    Not only has Chuck turned the corner, but so has Ms. Lori!! The psth to enlightenment has been forks, many bends, but our pups and cats are walking ahead showing us the way!

    Yes, your vet is wonderful. I remember one of your posts when you were pretty sure it was over and your vet encouraged you to keep trying…..he saw something in Chuck that said, “Nope! Not planning on leaving anytime soon, thank you very much!”

    This time together is truly sacred… get that. And to see you livig in the moment, enjoying the bliss of now with Chuck is exhilarating! A beautiful thing to behold.

    Let’s see now, how would Chuck want us to celebrate? The noise you near in the backgrou d is Happy Hannah yelling, “Ice cream! Chuck wants us to celebrate with massive piles of ice cream!”

    Ice cream it is!


    Love and hugs,

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  4. fourminipups said:

    Chuck is looking great and I’m so happy he is doing so well. Your vet sounds wonderful. Keep fighting!

    Luanne and Spirit Shooter

  5. Christine said:

    doing a happy dance.. whoo hooo Chuck!!
    don’t we just shake our heads sometimes when we realize how much time has passed since our furbabies had a major surgery.. and how well they are doing now?
    Good to hear.. keep us posted!!
    Christine….. with Franklin in her heartβ™₯

  6. lorimomofasaint said:

    Thanks so much guys πŸ™‚ yesterday was a good day πŸ™‚

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