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It’s been a month since the big guy became our furever Angel. For the most part, we’ve been OK. Just taking every day one step at a time. We really weren’t planning on getting another dog until at least after the holidays, possibly spring time.

Then we got word that my aunts friends needed a temporary home for their two Chihuahuas. I was surprised how quickly my husband. Agreed to let them stay with us. Then we got word that they wouldn’t need us at all. Their dogs could stay with them. Yay!

Around the same time I started searching petfinder for giggles, and came across a beautiful Saint bernard near me with the same name as my son. Same birthday as chuck. It was meant to be right? ! Nope lol. Someone beat me to him. Well boo!

Then I found another Saint in Michigan. The Foster mom made it seem like adoption of him would be a seamless event when I talked to her. Then she fell off the face of the earth right before I was supposed to drive up there. Double boo!

The day we were supposed to pick him up I went to the spot in our forest preserve where chuck loved the most. I sat there crying a little, but mainly just talking to him. I was going to give up the hard push for a dog, just let us know when it was right. Lead me to the right guy, chuck. That’s all I ask 😉 lol

So I left sort of at peace with the whole situation. And suddenly I kept seeing buildings with a specific name on it. Anyone remember the story I posted on how I knew no matter what, when chuck first got sick, how my son pulled a book out, and the names in the book all coincided with names we picked out for our future dogs, even before chuck got sick? The page talked about Bill (my husband’s name) walking into a pound and finding the scruffiest dog the could find, naming him wally, and there was another blurb about Betty (the name we chose if we got a girl). We wanted to use those names after my husbands grandpa and my grandma.

Anywho. Yeah. To one side of me there was a store named WAlly’s something or another. And in front of me a cars license plate read “wally 2” OK chuckster heard ya loud and clear. I’ll stop my usual worrying. And I drove home in peace with everything.

I got home, and my husband kept insisting I bring up the pic of the guy we lost out on, on petfinder. I kept arguing with him because I was just over it. No point in getting all worked up over a dog we never had. But he kept insisting. And when I did a cute puppy came up listed near me. Whatever. I’ll apply for him too. I figured why not. At this point it could take months before we found the right one. And on we went with the day.

Then we got a dreaded phone call that bills grandma (wife of bills grandpa, wally) passed away. We just saw her on thanksgiving. She was in bed sleeping, and when we went to say goodbye that night my son kept saying “mom did you see all my friends in the room? My brother is here. My really really really huge brother is here” I kept asking him to elaborate and all he kept saying was that. That and a short man with no hair. :/

So now I sit trying to explain to my son that great grandma was with Chuck, and he says “how will we know they will be OK in heaven if they can’t come back? ” I told him my guess was Chuck was going to send the most perfect doggie to us, and that’s how we’ll know. And I swear. In that instant. My email beeps. And you got it. We got approved for the puppy. And we could guarantee his adoption by setting up an appointment at a local vets office, along with an adoption deposit.
So without further adieux, let me introduce you to wally. Our baby saint bernewfie (Saint newfoundland) puppy. 🙂 he comes home sat Dec 7th. The vet spends a week quarantining him at a Foster after being in the pound. But we’ll need the week to puppy proof because we really planned on an older dog. Apparently chuck had different plans 😉
2013-11-30 19.19.31

8 Responses to “such a freaking roller coaster, this life. ..”

  1. Michelle said:

    OMG LORI. I am so excited 🙂 Yay Chuck for leading your mom to Wally. Thank you big guy for looking out for your family

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  2. penny4weims said:

    He’s adorable, that Chuck knows how to pick them. Little Wally soon to be big Wally. Have fun.

  3. murphsmom said:

    A Saint Bernewfie! I love it! Chuck certainly is watching out for you and just taking care of everything in his own time. Congratulations to all of you.

    Kathi nd Murphy

  4. benny55 said:


    OMD!! You had me sitingon the edge of m seat! You’ve got a blockbuster page turner right here!!!

    This, for me, is such “living proof” of sooo many of my “belief systems”! This post is blowing my mind!!

    Without question…this s CHUCK’S choice!! And Chucks version of a doggy cosmic joke!! Gosh! I kow how the first two…or !was it three…choices that you thought were meant to be jist seemed like…welll…..tjey were meant to be!! NOT!

    I rad somewhere when that happens…that meant to be thing..that isn’t…well, that’s just the Universe doing a little testi g of its own. Number one… akng sure you’re paying close attention to what it’s sendingnyou. Number two, making sure we realize the difference between what “it’s” sending you versus what we “want it to send us! Anyway, something like that!

    I coud read this post a dozen times…and probavy will…and each time be more amazed at every little nuance of this story! Your son saying the things he did about a big, big brother, OMD! Is he connected to a higher energy or what!!? Grandma and Grandpa…the names…the Wally “signs”…Bill SISTI G that you go back to the site! This is all just so THRILLING,!


    You mean that sweet, sweet puppy was in a PU D? And now he has to stayin a vet’s cage for a week? That’s crazy!! Poor bavy mist be traumatized!!

    But get readh Waly, yo are avout to have the best life ever!! And you have a wonderful Guardian Angel watchin over you yor entire life!!

    LORI AND FAMIY, i am just soooooo hap for you!! And see, I’ve re-read it a couple of times just while typing…I just saw Wally is stayingi a foster…not the vet! YAAAAAAY! Do you have visiting privileges?

    We are gonna have some adoravle pictures comingour way!

    As yo Knkw, I’ve gt Chuck’s pic here. It’s sittng on a table next to where I’m sitting. I reached over and kissed him and told him what a great job he’s doing!!

    aIt’ll be days before I wipe the grin off my face! Thankmyou so much for this WONDERFUL post!!

    Sending you so much love!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  5. Linda Morrice said:

    I’ve got tears in my eyes (and a few running down my cheeks) after reading this incredible story!

    Wally just “hit the jackpot” with his new home!

    Congrats to all of you

    Linda and Tucker

  6. fourminipups said:

    Congrads to all of you and especially to Wally for getting such an awesome family!!! He is adorable!

    Luanne and Spirit Shooter

  7. roxiesmom said:

    It doesn’t get any better than this!!! Your new extra large “baby”!!! Congratulations to all. The 7th is going to be one great pawty!!

    -Liz and Angel Roxie

  8. BarretsMomHeather said:

    YAYYYYY! So happy that Chuck picked out the perfect pup for you. I am soo happy for you and your family. Hugs to all of you!

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