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Well. Many Already know. . But for those who don’t. The puppy we rescued was sent to a vet through the rescue to be neutered. He had a bad reaction to anesthesia I was told. He passed away in surgery. While I am certain there is something out there for me that will make this whole year worthwhile, my family is so sad over this recent event. We got the call on the way back from my husband’s grandma’s funeral. So not what we expected. This too shall pass. Keeping on keeping on. ..

10 Responses to “:( I wish I didn’t have to make this post. ..”

  1. rica55 said:

    <3 and Hug

    that is all….

  2. Michelle said:

    You know we are all here for you. I am so sorry this happened to you & your family. The right puppy will come a long and join your family soon

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  3. penny4weims said:

    Good grief, I am so sorry. Sometimes sad stuff just piles up for some reason. Hang in there, your pup will show up when you least expect it.

  4. Codie Rae said:

    We are so sorry for your losses. Sometimes it just seems like the bad news never stops. Hopefully that old adage “bad news always comes in threes” will be borne out and things will turn around for you and your family. Sending you lots of love and strength from the Oaktown Pack.

  5. benny55 said:

    Aww Lori. This SUCKS! I really don’t know what to say.

    Smetmes “things happen for a reason” fits…and sometimes it makes no sense. I really don’t understand why something that was so meant to be…..wasn’t.

    I kow how muchyou and your family, especialy your son, were counting on this bright spot.

    I’m s sorry, so very, very sorry. Jist shaking my jead in disbelief the whole time I’m writing this.

    Surrounding you with our love and the love of Saint Chuck.

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  6. Kelley said:

    I am so sorry to hear this. We had a foster puppy that a very similar thing happened to. My only consolation has been that we showed her love as I am sure you did your pup. Sending you lots of positive energy and doggie love from my pack.

  7. mmrocker13 said:

    Oh, Lori… I am so sorry.

  8. taynam said:

    Lori, I hate this. I’m so sorry. As you said, “this too shall pass…”

  9. lorimomofasaint said:

    Thanks guys… We are hanging in there. The rescue we were working with has been absolutely wonderful through all of this. Hopefully we have some good news to share soon. We got some potential positive news from them yesterday, so fingers toes paws legs crossed all works out with this latest development … Hopefully more to follow up on very soon 🙂 thanks for all your thoughts guys!

  10. jerry said:

    Lori, it broke my heart to know that this happened, for everyone concerned. For whatever reason this wasn’t meant to be. The dog has other assignments in some other lifetime, and you have the right dog waiting for you somewhere. Hang in there, I know s/he will turn up, probably right under your nose.

    Many hugs coming your way.

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