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I can take pics all day. ..

December 21, 2013

She’s so wonderful. So gentle with the kid and the other furry creature’s. .She’s feeling better now that she’s on amoxicilin for her lady issue. I’m not noticing much discharge anymore. Eating great. Gained 8 LBS in less than a week, though she’s still pretty underweight but we are getting the 😀 thank you my big angel, you sent is a great one. ..

7 Responses to “I can take pics all day. ..”

  1. benny55 said:

    And we want you to take pictures all day!! Look at that mug!! OMD!
    These pics are melting my heart!

    The snuggles, the cuddles, ADORABLE!!

    I LOVE Saint Chuck’s Angel Christmas ornament! What a treasure!

    I’m so glad Betsy is putting on some weight and I am so glad she has found such a wonderful forever home!

    You’ve got a Christmas miracle going on over there! Good job Chuck!

    Lots of love!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  2. fetchon3 said:

    Awwwww. She’s perfect. So loved. So sweet. Thank you, Chuck, for sending a great one to keep your family company and give them someone else to share their love with.
    ~ K&J

  3. trituck said:

    Oh Betsy….you really are a love bug.

    Thanks Chuck for sending your family a Christmas miracle!

    Linda and Tucker 🙂

  4. murphsmom said:

    I love that face! The first picture just says, “I love you, little one”. She is definitely already positive that she couldn’t have found a better pack. Chuck done good!

    Kathi and Murphy

  5. Karma said:

    Yay for Edna finding her furrever home! Lovey little (but not for long :D) girl.

  6. Michelle said:

    Yay just such love in those eyes. Beautiful pictures. Hugs

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  7. penny4weims said:

    Boy is she cute! And what a kid cuddler too. Chuck did right.

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