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belated happy holidays :)

December 29, 2013

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy holidays. Been so busy with family stuff I haven’t been on much. I hope yours was as great as mine 🙂

Before chuck ever got sick. .i used to tell him that I loved him so much that when the day came that I couldn’t hug him anymore, I’d keep him in a locket. Lol. To which my husband always rolled his eyes and gave me the “I’m sick and morbid” lecture haha. It’s weird. Because at the beginning of this year I was saying that so much more. I think on some subconscious level I knew this would be our 5 th and last year together. :/ Christmas was both sad and wonderful. Betsy has brought us so much joy. She’s so wonderful. She’s exactly what my heart needed this holiday season 🙂

The only time I cried was when I opened this gift from the ol hubby:

There’s even some of his hair tucked behind the pictures. 🙂

But I immediately smile every time I can’t move because this hairy monstrosity won’t get off my lap. Yah. That’s my lap somewhere under her lol
2013-12-28 19.02.10

Chucky cheesy, you WILL always be in my heart. And I’ll Wear that locket forever. TY my big guy, for making sure our Christmas wasn’t so unbearable 🙂

6 Responses to “belated happy holidays :)”

  1. Michelle said:

    Beautiful Lori. He is always in your heart. That locket made me cry. Looks like Betsy has a good place to lay LOL. Definitely Chuck had a part in all of this

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  2. benny55 said:

    Well I’m cryig right along with everybody! Your husband is a KEEPER!
    Then again, you’re pretty special yourself to get THE most heartfelt gift in the world!

    I always keep a lock of “their” hair and I always cut a piece of my hair and tape it over “their” heart. I kow having that with the locket was very touching.

    This is sich a thoughtful gesture from so eone who clearly loves you…and Chuck…and Betsy! I love that they are side by …just like Chuck planned it.

    And what’s this avout Betsy on your lap? …There is no lap there…it’s all covered in dog! And isn’t that the best feeling in the world?!

    ATell hubby “he done done good”, and if you ever give him any lip, just call on us,’ we’ll defend him!! L O L!! hey just don’t make ’em like that anymore!!

    Thanks for sharing thks great post with us. It really, really akes my heart smile!

    Hugs and love!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  3. benny55 said:

    PS….You really ought to post this in the forums too. These blogs go up and down so quickly and this is so ething I know all your “family here” would want to see. ………please….—

  4. jerry said:

    Ohhhh what a bittersweet Christmas. How beautiful to keep Chuck so close to your heart, I’m sure his handsome face will bring comfort to you whenever things get ruff. And Betsy too.

    Life is beautiful with fur isn’t it?

    Hoppy Howlidays to you too!

  5. trituck said:

    What a beautiful gift from an obviously wonderful man – and yes – I’m crying too.

    Chuck will always be in your heart….and he brought you Betsy just at the time you needed her most.

    Linda and Tucker

  6. K8mignano said:

    Hi Lori

    Wow… What a remarkably beautiful gift. Nothing could compare, your husband obviously put so much thought into this. Thanks for sharing with us.

    It’s great to see Betsy making herself sooo comfortable and settling in to her forever home.

    Happy christmas to you and all your family!


    Kate and Yasmin xxx

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