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This one’s for Paulie

January 26, 2014


The story of two brothers:

When we picked chuck up from his breeders, 3 hours away from our home, they tried to convince us that the couple from our neighborhood already picked up the dog. Well. It turned out the only two males in that litter were destined to live 5 mins from each other. We left that day not knowing who had Chucks bro, just that he would be close to us.

Fast forward to their first birthday. My husband went to petsmart to buy chuck a birthday gift. And low and behold. . There was this huge saint bernard standing in line at the register. And it was Paulie. Chucks brother. The pic above is them meeting for the first time.

Life got busy for both of our families. We both had babies around the same time, etc. We lost touch for a few years, but last year within weeks of me finding out that my old vet suddenly retired, desperately searching for a new vet, I get a message from Paulie dad just checking in to see how we were. Just in time for me to need his vet info. It was within the next week that chuck started limping and within the next two that we used Paulies vet who ultimately found Chucks cancer.

Chucks battle was a strong one. But a tough one. So many decisions that were so hard to make. And Paulies family was behind us from day one. Regularly checking in and making sure we were all OK.

The day we said goodbye to chuck I got a message from Paulies dad that they were in the waiting room because they had an appointment that night too.

Paulie was in the next room as we said goodbye to our angel. And on Tues he’ll get to run with Chuck once again.

Like chuck he’s not even close to being a good candidate for amputation for many reasons. Like chuck the cancer is in his front leg. Like chuck. .He’s already beginning to fracture. And his parents love him enough to take that pain away before he’s completely fractured.

My heart is so shattered that this is happening so damned soon. Their sister died of the same thing 2 weeks before chuck was diagnosed. It’s just not fair. Everything about these siblings is so special. It’s so ironic how we all met each other. How and when we all came into each others lives. And how we all said goodbye. I really hope something positive comes out of all of this. 3 families lost their dogs before the age of 6. 3 families have had their hearts shattered from osteosarcoma. It’s just not fair.
I really don’t have any wise words to say. Just please keep Paulie and his family in your hearts and prayers over the next few days. May his last be comfortable. May his family be strong. May their heart be mended. May they all be forever comforted by their own beautiful big angel-saint. On Tues, may chuck greet him at the bridge. So they can once again run free together. ..

4 Responses to “This one’s for Paulie”

  1. benny55 said:

    Oh Sweet Lpri, this just saddens me beyond words.

    You are so right, this is unfair…beyond unfair. Ths stupid piece of crap disease MUST be annihilated.

    To strike THREE YOUNG SIBLINGS… take Paulie soooooo quickly…to take our sweet, precious Chuck..-and his sister too. Unfriggin believable.

    Yes. PLEASE, P.EASE, PLEASE let Paulie’s pawrents know how very, very saddened we are for them.

    The way all this connection happened withnyou and Paulie’s pawrents just blows my mind. The day you go to pick up Chuck… five mintes from each other…meeting in Pet Smart……making a really good connection with Paulie’s vet.

    To me, the most important event of this whole joirney is that pcture of Paulie and Chuck. This is EXACTLY what will take place when they see each other again! Chuck probaly felt Paulie’s loving energy at the vet’s that day…just as Paulie will feel Chuck’s loving presence to help greet him and intrkoduce him to all his tripawd friends.

    Lori, thank yoj for sharng this magnificent jorneyof Paulie nd Chuck. Please let Paulie’s pawrents know that he is part of our famiy too and he will NOT be forgotten!

    Love you girl, really do! Everyone here does!

    Surrou dingyou with Saint Chuck’s grace and love!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  2. jerry said:

    Lori, I was heartbroken to hear this. All I can say is that there was definitely a reason why Paulie and Chuck met that day. Now, they will be reunited and together forever, brothers in heaven, looking after our earthbound Tripawd heroes.

    These pups were too young to leave this world in such a tragic way. I know that you will make a difference and ensure their legacies live on. Thank you.

    We send all our love and condolences to Paulie’s family.

  3. lorimomofasaint said:

    I really do know chuck will greet him. Before we found out about Paulie my husband kept saying he was having weird dreams about chuck. That he was back. It’s and end to a very special bond these boys had here but a beginning to one ina better place. I Sort of feel like my wounds have been torn back open. I miss the big guy. I just can’t believe his brother is going so soon to the same. :/ it feels like groundhogs day .. Ya know?

  4. Michelle said:

    Please pass my condolences on to Paulie’s family. This stinking disease. I am so so sorry. I know this isn’t easy for you reliving it all over 🙁 You are right Chuck and his sister will greet him.
    My love to everyone. this really sucks

    Run Free Paulie.

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

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