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Happy birthday big guy

February 8, 2014


Last year was such a happy one. . On this day. I kept saying how it was like celebrating his 50th. Since he was 5. And saints generally till about 10. Who knew this jerk of a disease was brewing and that it would take not only him but two of his siblings over the next year.

Today I’m a little sad. Just sad for all the time we didn’t get. But happy he’s in a better place. Happy to be moving forward.
Miss ya big guy. So much. Your the best guardian Angel we could have. Hope you and your brother and sister are partying like rock stars up there…

4 Responses to “Happy birthday big guy”

  1. benny55 said:

    You forfot the ‘CUTENESS ALERT”! And to try and take in all that “Awwwwwww, sooooo cute” all at once is crazy!!

    What a PERFECT forever memory this photo is! Always gentle and sweet, Chuck didn’t even gulp it down all at once! Chuck kows how to savour every sweet moment of life. And his whole life was filled with sweet moments.

    Yes, Saint Chuck is reunited with his brother and sister, playing and frolicing until all the other Angels say, “Hey! Keepit quiet over there! We’re trying to sleep! You’ve been at this non-stop since you all got here!”

    And Chuck…being sweet Chuck…simply says, “Here…I have some doggy ear plugs for you. I’m head of the Saint Rock Star Chuck Team and we’ll pawty day and night if we want to And besides that…it’s my BIRTHDAY!! So either move on over to another cloud or come on over here and pawty with us!”

    Sending you exra hugs and love today, along with ear plugs in case they get a little too loud up there!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

    Atta’ boy Chuck!

  2. Linda Morrice said:

    Happy Birthday, Chuck!

    Glad you are no longer in pain! We know you are a guardian angel for your whole family – including Betsy!

    Linda And Tucker

  3. Michelle said:

    Happy Birthday Chuck. Lori, Its ok to be sad the first are always the worst. He knows you loved him and are still celebrating his birthday with him. Keep on partying Chuck.

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  4. jerry said:

    Awww. The Tripawd Angels partied it up, I know it.

    We miss you too Chuck, you will always be our big giant slobbery hero.

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