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Ohhhh heyyy another snow day! At least the big girl is excited 😉 nom nom nom!

Is it spring yet? Or better yet..who is a warmer climate will take my crazy family in? 😀

Happy February everyone,

Lori n the crew…

6 Responses to “Hi. My name is Betsy and I’m addicted to eating snow.”

  1. trituck said:

    Oh Betsy you pretty girl.

    Your Canadian friend, Tucker loves to eat snow too….and roll in it and leap through it…he gets a little more tired now that he is a tripawd but that isn’t stopping him.

    Linda and Tucker

  2. Michelle said:

    awww Betsy looking good covered in snow. It will warm up soon then you can play in mud like Snickers & Jazz

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  3. Karma said:

    Miss Edna looking fabulous as always! 😀
    Karma, Adelaide and the crew, and our forever angel Brendol

  4. brinkley said:

    Brinkley loves to eat snow too and so far is not slowed down by his missing limb…still does his hopping thing through the deep snow and when in the house can chase the cats better than ever. What a beautiful big dog you have!

  5. jerry said:

    OK Betsy just don’t eat the yellow snow!

  6. murphsmom said:

    We have snow eaters here, too. Murphy always needs a bite when it’s fresh fallen. Gus has to make angels before he eats his.

    Betsy, you are one lucky lady!

    Kathi and Murphy

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