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Girl time…

March 21, 2014

The hubs is gone fishin, the kid is having a sleepover with grandma, so it’s girllll timeeeee! Well. Besides dexter 😉 anywho, took miss Betsy out for a muddy hike to one of chucks favorite spots, she accompanied me on all my random errands..she’s doing so great! She’s so incredibly special. She’s finally calming down a bit, and really has the hang of what it means to walk on a leash 🙂

It’s so funny because I was always a scardey cat when my husband went out of town, and people didn’t get it. I mean. I had 175 lb dog in the house. That would hold the flashlight for anyone who would enter my house and lead them right to me. Lol chuck was the epitome of a gentle giant. Bets, is sweet, and cuddly, and AMAZING with my cats and all kids, but she has a bark as big as chucks body. Lol it’s not all bad, but let’s just say she’s made a few grown men walking passed our house jump in fear lol. She’s not perfect, but we are getting there, she’s getting so much more comfortable, is learning her manners, but I know she’d protect me if push came to shove 😉

Anywho… Thank god for warmer weather and days like these…

6 Responses to “Girl time…”

  1. trituck said:

    Oh Betsy….you are a beautiful girl!
    Maybe you and Mom could go out for mani/pedis after your walk 🙂


    Linda and Tucker

  2. elizabeth said:

    Girls day, I love it!! I just had to tell you that we lost my BF’s St. Bernard a couple years ago at 13 years old, and I hear his heart melting every time he looks at pics of your babies. He absolutely loves your pics (as do I).

    I hope you have a fantastic girls day!!!!

    • lorimomofasaint said:

      Awwww ty Elizabeth! I’m sorry he lost his 🙁 how amazing she made it til 13! !! Saints are such a special breed 🙂 I swear everyone I meet that has had one, it’s like a special Club or something lolol. I’m the crazy person who has to run up to one outside on a walk and talk to their owners. . Haha

  3. murphsmom said:

    Garry is going fishing tomorrow, too, but the boys will be staying at home with me. Do you think they would object to a “girls day”? Maybe pink toenails? Yeah, right!

    Kathi and Murphy

  4. benny55 said:

    LOL!!! LOL!!! LOL!!! LORI!!

    You are so funny!! I love this post! Your Chuck would hold the flashlight??? Great visual of him lettng a burglar in!

    It sounds like Betsy’s bark is magnificent! I bet it makes grown men pee in their pants as they’re running away!

    Gllad you take Betsy to the places you and Chuck go. That’s probably where he does most of his “training” with her.

    She looks very pretty in her “girlie” leash…very dainty!!

    I’m such as fan ofnyours…but you already know that!

    Hugs toyou, Betsy and Saint Chuck!!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  5. jerry said:

    Betsy is growing into a great protector and a sweetie too. What a great combo! Enjoy your girls weekend 🙂

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