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Happy Thursday everyone. .:)

belated happy holidays :)

December 29, 2013

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy holidays. Been so busy with family stuff I haven’t been on much. I hope yours was as great as mine 🙂

Before chuck ever got sick. .i used to tell him that I loved him so much that when the day came that I couldn’t hug him anymore, I’d keep him in a locket. Lol. To which my husband always rolled his eyes and gave me the “I’m sick and morbid” lecture haha. It’s weird. Because at the beginning of this year I was saying that so much more. I think on some subconscious level I knew this would be our 5 th and last year together. :/ Christmas was both sad and wonderful. Betsy has brought us so much joy. She’s so wonderful. She’s exactly what my heart needed this holiday season 🙂

The only time I cried was when I opened this gift from the ol hubby:

There’s even some of his hair tucked behind the pictures. 🙂

But I immediately smile every time I can’t move because this hairy monstrosity won’t get off my lap. Yah. That’s my lap somewhere under her lol
2013-12-28 19.02.10

Chucky cheesy, you WILL always be in my heart. And I’ll Wear that locket forever. TY my big guy, for making sure our Christmas wasn’t so unbearable 🙂

I can take pics all day. ..

December 21, 2013

She’s so wonderful. So gentle with the kid and the other furry creature’s. .She’s feeling better now that she’s on amoxicilin for her lady issue. I’m not noticing much discharge anymore. Eating great. Gained 8 LBS in less than a week, though she’s still pretty underweight but we are getting the 😀 thank you my big angel, you sent is a great one. ..

Just some pics…

December 16, 2013

Sweet girl is settling in well. Great with the cats. Eating well finally. So far the only thing I’ve noticed is she barks at people and dogs walking past our house. I guess she’s claimed it as hers. 😉 she’s been super sweet and gentle to everyone she’s met so far though..:) I thought I’d post a few pics of her meeting the fam…image

coming home. ..

December 14, 2013

Bring on the pink bows and tutus! Our baby girl is coming home. I OFFICIALLY introduce Betty. She is a sweet baby. She was left behind after she was bred and her former owners didn’t need her anymore. She’s 18 months old. And I’m one proud rescue mom. 🙂20131214_160134

Well. Many Already know. . But for those who don’t. The puppy we rescued was sent to a vet through the rescue to be neutered. He had a bad reaction to anesthesia I was told. He passed away in surgery. While I am certain there is something out there for me that will make this whole year worthwhile, my family is so sad over this recent event. We got the call on the way back from my husband’s grandma’s funeral. So not what we expected. This too shall pass. Keeping on keeping on. ..

It’s been a month since the big guy became our furever Angel. For the most part, we’ve been OK. Just taking every day one step at a time. We really weren’t planning on getting another dog until at least after the holidays, possibly spring time.

Then we got word that my aunts friends needed a temporary home for their two Chihuahuas. I was surprised how quickly my husband. Agreed to let them stay with us. Then we got word that they wouldn’t need us at all. Their dogs could stay with them. Yay!

Around the same time I started searching petfinder for giggles, and came across a beautiful Saint bernard near me with the same name as my son. Same birthday as chuck. It was meant to be right? ! Nope lol. Someone beat me to him. Well boo!

Then I found another Saint in Michigan. The Foster mom made it seem like adoption of him would be a seamless event when I talked to her. Then she fell off the face of the earth right before I was supposed to drive up there. Double boo!

The day we were supposed to pick him up I went to the spot in our forest preserve where chuck loved the most. I sat there crying a little, but mainly just talking to him. I was going to give up the hard push for a dog, just let us know when it was right. Lead me to the right guy, chuck. That’s all I ask 😉 lol

So I left sort of at peace with the whole situation. And suddenly I kept seeing buildings with a specific name on it. Anyone remember the story I posted on how I knew no matter what, when chuck first got sick, how my son pulled a book out, and the names in the book all coincided with names we picked out for our future dogs, even before chuck got sick? The page talked about Bill (my husband’s name) walking into a pound and finding the scruffiest dog the could find, naming him wally, and there was another blurb about Betty (the name we chose if we got a girl). We wanted to use those names after my husbands grandpa and my grandma.

Anywho. Yeah. To one side of me there was a store named WAlly’s something or another. And in front of me a cars license plate read “wally 2” OK chuckster heard ya loud and clear. I’ll stop my usual worrying. And I drove home in peace with everything.

I got home, and my husband kept insisting I bring up the pic of the guy we lost out on, on petfinder. I kept arguing with him because I was just over it. No point in getting all worked up over a dog we never had. But he kept insisting. And when I did a cute puppy came up listed near me. Whatever. I’ll apply for him too. I figured why not. At this point it could take months before we found the right one. And on we went with the day.

Then we got a dreaded phone call that bills grandma (wife of bills grandpa, wally) passed away. We just saw her on thanksgiving. She was in bed sleeping, and when we went to say goodbye that night my son kept saying “mom did you see all my friends in the room? My brother is here. My really really really huge brother is here” I kept asking him to elaborate and all he kept saying was that. That and a short man with no hair. :/

So now I sit trying to explain to my son that great grandma was with Chuck, and he says “how will we know they will be OK in heaven if they can’t come back? ” I told him my guess was Chuck was going to send the most perfect doggie to us, and that’s how we’ll know. And I swear. In that instant. My email beeps. And you got it. We got approved for the puppy. And we could guarantee his adoption by setting up an appointment at a local vets office, along with an adoption deposit.
So without further adieux, let me introduce you to wally. Our baby saint bernewfie (Saint newfoundland) puppy. 🙂 he comes home sat Dec 7th. The vet spends a week quarantining him at a Foster after being in the pound. But we’ll need the week to puppy proof because we really planned on an older dog. Apparently chuck had different plans 😉
2013-11-30 19.19.31

gettin on gettin on…

November 4, 2013


You can shed tears that he is gone,
or you can smile because he has lived.
You can close your eyes and pray that he’ll come back,
or you can open your eyes and see all he’s left.
Your heart can be empty because you can’t see him,
or you can be full of the love you shared.
You can turn your back on tomorrow and live yesterday,
or you can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday.
You can remember him only that he is gone,
or you can cherish his memory and let it live on.
You can cry and close your mind,
be empty and turn your back.
Or you can do what he’d want:
smile, open your eyes, love and go on.
Author: David Harkins

Just Thanks. .

October 31, 2013

I just wanted to say thank you for all the thoughts and comments and support over the last 5 months and especially after chucks passing. I feel bad not mentioning everyone, but know nothing went unnoticed or ignored. The constant support and cheering us on made this whole experience so much more bearable. Last year chuck and jake dressed as twins, and this year chuck was to be a super hero to Jakes iron man. But In truth, he didn’t need a Costume to be a hero. Hes been that since day one. He fought his disease with the utmost dignity and never once did he let it break his Spirit. Never once did he show any weakness or pain. He was happy and playing til the very end. He was the very definition of a hero. IMG_20131031_013725So now we heal. I had one heck of a dog. He taught me how to be strong even when I wanted to crumble. How lucky am I? Happy Halloween everyone.

Our Last post. .

October 30, 2013

I’m sorry if this is a lil morbid buy when we started this journey I wanted I mostly just wanted to know how each dog did. How long they went. Etc. So I’m case there’s someone else out there seeking the same. ..
chuck when on for a very happy 5 months. He would have gone longer if we let him.

He wasn’t amped. It was never a possibility.
He did fracture. But his end wasn’t from a huge traumatic event that everyone talks about. We didn’t know he was even fractured.

He was so happy. And he went that way.

Ty guys for absolutely Everthing. Last night was pretty Rough. Sorry it’s taken till today to explain. We gota last minute appt for Chuck to be evaluated for amp. The Consensus was he was never going to do well as tri. We talked about splinting but in reality it was just keeping him in pain to wait for something worse to Happen. We just thought it was best to do it then. The vet even urged us to not bring him home. His brother coincidently had an appt the same time so his dad got to say goodbye too. It was all we could do for him. He went happy. we had a great day with him . We didn’t spend it like it was our last because we didn’t know.
It was hard waking up today not having anyone to pill. To slime me with good morning kisses. He went sooo peacefully. And I’m greatful for that.
sigh. One day it won’t hurt so much. He fought so hard –